MP calls for fuel tax to be present on receipts

MP calls for fuel tax to be present on receipts

Harlow MP Robert Halfon has called for the introduction of legislation that could see a fuel tax breakdown listed on regular petrol station receipts.

The move is part of Mr Halfon's long-running campaign to drive down the cost of petrol and diesel and provide customers with greater clarity on exactly where their money goes.
The Harlow MP has tabled an amendment to the Energy Bill, which, if approved, would see receipts include a breakdown of how much of the total is spent on road maintenance, and how much goes to the big oil companies.

With the help of FairFuel UK, the MP plans to unveil a giant fuel receipt with VAT and fuel duty listed separately in Westminster's College Green on Monday.

This isn't the first time the Tory backbencher has raised issues concerning fuel price to Government as he was integral to persuading the government to freeze fuel tax earlier this year following a high-profile media campaign.

Mr Halfon told the Harlow Star: "This Government has done the right thing by cutting fuel duty in 2011 and freezing it over the past two years. However everybody knows fuel duty is a toxic tax, as fuel costs the average motorist £1,700 a year which is a tenth of their income.

"Greedy oil companies must take some responsibility. Why is it that fuel prices have continued to increase when fuel duty has been frozen?

"This is why I proposed legislation in the House of Commons for fuel receipts to clearly show the amount of fuel duty paid, and much of it is spent on road maintenance and how much of it is creamed off by the oil companies."

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