Russian taxi driver flips car while fleeing from prang

Russian taxi driver flips car while fleeing from prang

A general guide to dealing with a small bump in a car park would state that one should remain calm, switch off the engine if it is safe to do so and inspect the damage.

At this point, insurance details should be swapped or if the car is unattended, a note written that includes a name and contact number and placed under the windscreen wiper of the stricken car.
The taxi driver in this video has clearly taken one look at this unofficial guidebook and tossed it out of the window because his method of dealing with such an incident beggars belief.

After driving into the rear bumper of a parked vehicle and setting off some noisy alarms, the taxi driver panics and flees the scene, scraping a few wing mirrors along the way.

The video culminates in the hapless driver miraculously flipping the taxi after ploughing into the rear of another parked car.

It was all captured on an increasingly popular 'dash cam' and uploaded to the internet so the entire world can watch in horror.

Take a look at the video below

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