Cost of dying 'as high as £7,000'

GraveyardThe cost of dying can be as high as £7,000 when funerals and other costs such as flowers and wakes are added up, according to a study.

The GMB union said the most expensive burials were in Lambeth, London, at £5,329, and the City of London (£5,185) while crematoriums cost £3,464 in the City of London.

%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%Paul Kenny, general secretary of the GMB, told the union's annual conference in Plymouth: "At a time when the cost of living occupies most people's concerns, it will be a real shock to many that the cost of dying is so high.

"While GMB realises that the public are not queuing up to test the services, it remains a fact that few have any idea of how much even a simple burial or cremation actually costs. Someone is making a lot of money out of people's bereavement."
The other councils in the top 20 for cremation charges were said to be: Wandsworth £2,350, Croydon £2,265, Lambeth £2,132, Stoke-on-Trent £2,045, Manchester £2,012., Rushmoor £1,984, Walsall £1,892, Sutton £1,865, Sandwell £1,837, Bexley £1,836, Wolverhampton £1,811, Barnet £1,798, Merton £1,786, Ipswich £1,743, Bristol £1,675, Coventry £1,661, Sefton £1,655, Spelthorne £1,648,.and Kingston upon Thames 1,635.

The top 20 councils for the cost of burial were Lambeth £5,329, City of London £5,185, Wandsworth £4,190, Merton £4,125, Croydon £4,106, Enfield £3,665, Bromley £3,647, Kensington & Chelsea £3,600, Bexley £3,256, Richmond upon Thames £3,190, Barking and Dagenham £3,170, Spelthorne £2,992, Southwark £2,984, Havering £2,955, Hammersmith & Fulham £2,940, Rushmoor £2,837, Southend-on-Sea £2,730, Barnet £2,692, Brent £2,675, and Exeter £2,650.
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