Steven Seagal's new job: the face of Russian guns

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal has taken on an unusual endorsement job. He has become the new face of a Russian arms company, and will front adverts marketing its weapons in the US.

It's an unusual twist to his career - but then Seagal has had a number of interesting jobs in his time.


Sky reported that Seagal announced his new role on a tour of a weapons factory on Tuesday. He appears to be capitalising on his action-hero reputation - with 40 action movies under his belt. The money Seagal is set to make from the contract has been kept under wraps for now.

According to The Guardian he also has strong links to Russia - with Russian relatives and ties with a number of influential Russians, including Vladimir Putin. He was apparently also involved in arranging meetings between Russian officials and a group of US congressmen visiting Russia, with the aim of boosting counter-terrorism efforts between the two countries.

Portfolio career

And this isn't the only unusual role Seagal has taken on. He started his career as a martial arts instructor in Japan, before moving to LA first as a martial arts co-ordinator, and then as an actor.

Alongside his acting work he has released two albums as a guitarist, and toured with his band Thunderbox.

He works as a Reserve Deputy Chief of the Sheriff's Office in Jefferson Parish, which has been the subject of a reality TV show.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, he was called in by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to train a volunteer armed posse to defend schools in the Phoenix area against possible gunmen. He apparently passed on hand-to-hand defence tactics picked up in his martial arts training.

He also markets an energy drink called Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt, a homeopathic oil and an aftershave.

His website also cites numerous philanthropic works, saying: "first and foremost, he is a human being with a deep devotion for his fellow man and the environment around us." It also lists among his awards the fact he was 'Honoured as the first private citizen to destroy a nuclear device" after he donated money to pay for the dismantling of a Russian missile.

It adds that he regularly visits children's homes, orphanages and hospitals. And he is quoted as saying: "My devotion to the children stems directly from my devotion to the Divine," and "The Buddhist philosophy is to put others before ourselves."

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Steven Seagal's new job: the face of Russian guns

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