Driver walks away from £250,000 vintage Bugatti crash

Driver walks away from £250,000 vintage Bugatti crash

Edmund Burgess is a lucky man. The proud owner of a beautiful 1924 Bugatti T13 Brescia managed to escape serious injury after slamming said vehicle into a wall at a recent vintage car meet in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire.

The driver was taking part in the 'Class 10: Bugatti Car Handicap up to 1500 Class' race at 'La Vie en Bleu' meeting - a two-day pageant celebrating French motoring excellence.
A video of the incident shows Mr Burgess pushing the old car to its limits as he attempts to set a lap record.

The rear of the Bugatti steps out on a particularly sharp corner, forcing the rear to slide across the gravel and into a concrete wall.

The force of the impact flips the open-top car and in some images, you can actually see Mr Burgess's helmet scraping down the side of the concrete safety wall.

Luckily, trained marshals quickly rushed to the scene to free Mr Burgess and medical staff soon arrived to tend to his injuries – which witnesses said weren't serious.

The same cannot be said for the T13 Brescia, which was photographed in the aftermath with buckled front wheels, a snapped steering wheel and an array of stone chips and scrapes along the formerly immaculate bodywork.

Watch the video below

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