Toyota recalls Prius models over brake problems

Toyota recalls Prius models over brake problems

Toyota has initiated yet another recall, this time it involves some 4,947 Prius models in the UK that could suffer with a faulty brake pressure accumulator.

The firm announced today that approximately 242,000 third-generation Prius models built between March and October 2009 have been affected globally, 4,947 of which are registered in the UK.
Having diagnosed the problem, Toyota says the issue originates from the brake pressure accumulator, which consists of a metal plunger containing brake fluid, encased in a metal housing.

The plunger has metal pleated bellows to allow for motion and Nitrogen gas is sealed between the plunger and housing.

In a press release Toyota said: "There is a possibility of a fatigue crack developing in the bellows through vibration of the plunger during driving. Should this happen, nitrogen gas could leak into the brake fluid and cause the pedal stroke to become longer, resulting in decreased braking force.

"If it were to happen, the driver would be notified of the problem through a warning light on the dashboard. In this situation, the vehicle should not be driven and owners should report the issue to their nearest Toyota Centre."

Owners will be contacted by Toyota GB to book their car in at their nearest dealer, where the brake pressure accumulator will be replaced free of charge.

Toyota says the replacement will take between three and three-and-a-half hours to complete.

Any owner can contact Toyota Customer Relations on 0800 1388744 or 01737 367600 to find out if their vehicle is affected.
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