Shop owner chops off thief's hair in China

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Shop owner chops off thief's hair in China
Shop owner chops off thief's hair in China

A shop owner plagued by a series of thefts decided she'd had enough when she spotted shoplifter Li Wu stuffing clothes into her bag - and wrestled her to the ground before chopping all her hair off.

Clothes store keeper Lu Sun, 32, had already lost hundreds of pounds worth of goods following a spate of thefts in the shopping mall in Wenzhou, China, over the previous two weeks. So when she saw Li Wu acting suspiciously she decided to keep an eye on her. I watch so many people everyday, so I can tell thieves from others easily," she told local media, reports CEN.

"When I noticed the woman sneaking around in the shopping mall, I knew she was up to no good.

"So when she came into my shop, I was alert and finally caught her in the act." After wrestling her to the ground, Miss Sun grabbed a pair of scissors and, as a neighbouring shop owner held her to the ground, chopped all her hair off before calling the police.

"I decided to do it to teach her a lesson and to send a message to other thieves in the area to stay away from my shop," she added.


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