Pagani Zonda 'Revolucion' will be most extreme version to date

Pagani Zonda 'Revolucion' will be most extreme version to date

The latest Pagani Zonda 'Revolucion' will not only be the most hardcore variant in the model's 14 year history, it will also be the last.

The swan song model draws power from the firm's tried-and-tested AMG Mercedes V12 engine that was previously seen in the Zonda R, but in this case, an extra 50bhp has been teased from the monstrous unit.
The central monocoque is fashioned from a blend of carbon fibre and titanium, meaning the entire car tips the scale at just 1070kg – giving it an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 748bhp per tonne.

Horacio Pagani and his team of engineers have also worked on the 6-speed sequential gearbox so it now swaps cogs in just 20ms, while the traction control system has been altered to offer 12 different settings and the renewed ABS system allows the driver to adapt the behaviour of the car to suit his or her driving style.

The enormous rear wing and jutting slithers of carbon fibre on the bonnet aren't just for show either, as the 'Revolucion' has been modified to further improve aerodynamics and performance.

New 'deflectors' on the bonnet and a stabilising mount at the rear increase downforce, plus an F1-inspired drag reduction system can further increase and decrease downforce at a touch of a button.

Like many Pagani machines, this particular model will be tailored to suit the exact requirements of the customer and that means a price tag in excess of £2.3 million.

Horacio Pagani said of his latest creation: "We knew it would be very difficult to design and build a car that was even more extreme. But thanks to the creativity of our designers, engineers, and the whole Pagani family, we created a beautiful object and the fastest Pagani vehicle ever.

"A car that I am sure will electrify all our customers and fans all over the world."

Pagani Zonda ‘Revolucion’
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Pagani Zonda 'Revolucion' will be most extreme version to date
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