Festival essentials

Caroline Cassidy

The festival season is already upon us and music lovers everywhere will be hoping for a warm, dry summer to really make their experience. Whether the sun shines or the rain pours though, festivals can quickly become uncomfortable if you don't have the right kit, so check out these handy little products that will keep you looking and feeling fabulous throughout the festival.

Festival essentials
Festival essentials

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Stay clean
No matter how carried away with the music and atmosphere you may be, after a couple of days, that grimy feeling can take the edge off the enjoyment. Fear not - there are now products that enable you to have a wash and brush up without the need for a shower or bath. With a clean, fresh scent, the paraben-free Pits & Bits body wash (from £2.69) requires no water to work - just massage in and towel dry, leaving you odour-free and fresh as a daisy. There is also a version from Nilaqua, which both moisturises and deodorises as it cleans, and comes in a small or large bottle. For an instant refresher, pack wet wipes.

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The same goes for your hair - try Batiste's dry shampoo (available from Boots & Superdrug), which will give your barnet a quick and easy boost.

Stay dry
While most would prefer a warm, dry weekend, the majority of festival goers are only to happy to embrace the wet when the weather does turn. Several mudslides later, however, and a set of clean, dry clothes begins to look more and more appealing.

To make sure your gear doesn't succumb to the rain, it could be worth investing in a Lifeventure Dri Store Dry Bag. These fully waterproof bags are available in seven sizes and the roll-top closure also acts as a compression system, saving space in your rucksack. Prices start from £16.99. And to keep important gadgetry such as your mobile phone dry, splash out on a waterproof phone pouch (from £4.99), which includes a lanyard so you can wear it if you like.

We'll all have our fingers crossed that the festival season doesn't turn out like last year's Isle of Wight washout, but it's worth considering a few wet weather bits of clobber just in case.

Thankfully, waterproof clothing isn't all about bulky wax jackets and green wellies these days. In fact, there are manufacturers across the UK who have gone out of their way to keep you looking funky in the rain. For instance, lightweight and easily packable waterproof ponchos are the perfect way to keep dry during a shower, and at filthyfox.co.uk, you can buy patterned and coloured versions of these handy waterproofs.

The wellie has, sadly, become a festival essential, but a quick look at Evercreatures, who offer everything from stripes and rainbows to cow print and quilted look, and you might even be glad you're taking them.

Useful extras
While you don't want to be weighed down at any festival, there are helpful little extras that it makes sense to pack.

For example, a lightweight folding seat will make all the difference when you're back at camp and struggling to find a dry place to sit, and these are available from as little as £7.99. Stumbling through a sea of tents in the dark can also prove testing, so why not invest in an LED wind up head torch (available from funkyleisure.co.uk) for just £7.99.
And if you simply cannot face the dreaded Portaloos, there's now an alternative in the form of the TravelJohn disposable urinal (also from funkyleisure) - a unisex option that's particularly useful for those who can't face a late-night toilet run.

Lastly, if the thought of the journey from the car park to the camp site with all of the above is one you're not relishing, make life easier with a folding camping trolley that will eliminate the need for a return journey. They come in all shapes, sizes and strengths, but Argos offer an affordable option at just £19.99.

Are you a festival regular? What are your must-have bits of kit? Leave your comments below...