Motorists in Scotland most likely to hit a lamppost

Motorists in Scotland most likely to hit a lamppost

New research carried out by car insurance specialist Admiral has revealed that Scottish motorists are the most likely to hit a lamppost while out driving.

According to the results, drivers in the northwest of England have a greater chance of being in a collision at traffic lights while those living in London are at a far greater risk of being involved in a rear-end prang.
These were just some of the findings unearthed when Admiral waded through 1.3million claims from the past five years to find out what were the most common motoring incidents.

The study shows that motorists who live in the leafy surroundings of the Home Counties are the most likely to come into contact with a tree.

Meanwhile, the congested, stop-start traffic of central London would certainly explain the notably higher reports of rear-end impacts, with results showing drivers from the postcodes of Romford, Ilford and Enfield as most likely so suffer from or cause a rear-end bump.

Similarly, collisions involving parked vehicles occur mostly on the narrow streets of London, but both Paisley in Scotland and Croydon in Greater London made it into the top five.

Admiral boss, Dave Halliday told Metro: "The most common type of accidents on Britain's roads are rear end bumps. We wanted to see if there were any trends."

RAC Foundation director Prof Stephen Glaister, added: "We need to understand where and when accidents happen to produce the best plan for cutting them."
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