Lorry flips over and crashes through living room

Lorry flips over and crashes through living room

A woman made an extremely lucky escape after a lorry flipped over and ploughed into her living room while she sat in it.

The lorry is said to have exited the road in the small Scottish village of Lonmay in Aberdeenshire and flipped, demolishing the front of the house as it rolled into it.> The female resident miraculously emerged unscathed but 'badly' shaken up by the shocking incident.

She and the driver were taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to be checked over, but neither was seriously injured.

Lonmay resident Mark McDonald, 26, was on the scene and photographed the aftermath that saw the truck and trailer both upside down and embedded into the front of the house.

Mr McDonald told the Daily Mail: "No one's sure how it happened but the trailer has actually squashed the house, it's right through the living room.

Lorry flips over and crashes through living room

"The woman got quite a scare and was badly shaken up by it."

Mr McDonald also told of how local residents 'poured into the streets' upon hearing the commotion: "'It's not what you expect to see on a normal Monday afternoon, it's just a little village," he added.

Two cranes were enlisted to winch the truck free from the fascia of the house and local police said that both sides of the road were closed as a result of the accident.
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