Video: Gymkhana in a Lamborghini!

Video: Gymkhana in a Lamborghini!

Ken Block and his meaty Ford Focus ST introduced the notion of Gymkhana to planet petrolhead and ever since his first video, wannabe web stars have attempted to take a slice of the fame pie.

Very few have been successful but then we stumbled on this excellent video of one man and his Lamborghini Gallardo tearing up a closed track in true Ken Block style.
The production values are high, the car is drop-dead gorgeous and some of the driving on display is handy to say the very least.

Daily Driven Exotics, the man behind the video, says in his YouTube post: "I love the Gymkhana Infomercials by Ken Block! So I decided to take my personal daily driven Lamborghini Gallardo and a brand new set of tires and give it a go myself!

"I'm no Ken Block... I know this, but everyone starts somewhere and this is where I start."

The mad driver goes on to explain that this is merely a practice video and that Yokohama tyres have sponsored him by way of 12 sets of free tyres, to create a proper, full-length Gymkhana video.

So sit back, crank up the volume and watch this Lamborghini shred some serious rubber.

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