Man killed by rolling police van in West Yorkshire park

Man killed by rolling police van in West Yorkshire park

An elderly man died yesterday afternoon, when an unattended police van rolled forwards and hit him in Pudsey Park, West Yorkshire.

BBC News reports that police had got out of the vehicle to deal with a disturbance in the park, when the incident happened at around 2:15pm yesterday.

According to the Daily Mail, the accident occurred because a police officer had left the handbrake off when parking on a hill.

Reports suggest that the man was waiting to buy ice creams when the incident happened.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police told the Daily Mail: "At 2:15pm on 1 June, 2013, a police van responded to reports of a disturbance in Pudsey Park, Church Lane in Pudsey.

"The officers attending went into the park and left their van to deal with the incident. The van subsequently rolled forward and collided with an elderly man walking in the park. Paramedics were called to the scene, but the man died of his injuries. The matter was immediately referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission."

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