Augmented reality app will make mechanics out of us all

Augmented reality app will make mechanics out of us all

A new 3D-tracking application from Inglobe Technologies looks set to revolutionise the life the amateur mechanic... and even assist those with zero under-the-bonnet knowledge.

The app uses a similar technology to that found in Google's pioneering Glass computerised spectacles and allows adventurous folk to hold an iPad or smartphone up to the oily bits of their car and receive detailed instruction on how to carry out basic maintenance.
Not only does the revolutionary technology overlay the name of each mechanical part onto a live image, it also instructs on how to reach said part and eventually fix it should it need.

The app takes a Haynes manual to the next level by not only listing all of the essential mechanical parts and the servicing they need but also by providing a handy virtual hand that instructs on exactly what to unscrew and how to replace or top up.

There is no word on an official release date but the video below (lacks sound) gives a good indication of how the technology could benefit those who want to cut down on maintenance costs.

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