Mad biker puts plane engine in motorcycle

 Mad biker puts plane engine in motorcycle

There's something inherently bonkers about bikers. The simple act of straddling a two-wheel machine that's capable of hitting 60mph from a standstill in supercar-baiting times requires a certain madcap mentality.

German bike tinkerer Frank Ohle has pushed this notion even further by creating a custom motorcycle that features the engine from a Radial R3600 aircraft.
The beastly machine, aptly named the Red Baron, took just 18 months to complete despite requiring a completely bespoke frame and bundles of engineering knowledge to get the engine to drive the enormous rear wheel.

Predictably, the Red Baron makes a hell of a lot of noise and thanks to the 148bhp plane engine, it shifts too.

Watch the video below and see owner Frank Ohle fire up the machine (complete with plenty of impressive smoke) and pootle around a car park.

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