One in six couples now marry abroad

The lure of guaranteed sunshine, romantic settings and cheaper prices is becoming ever stronger for British couples, according to a new survey, with one in six now opting to get married abroad.
One in six Brits now marries abroad

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The poll, by LV=travel insurance, revealed that some 280,000 couples have chosen to tie the knot overseas in the last five years, a rise of 20 per cent.

Two thirds of the couples surveyed said family connections were the inspiration behind their destination wedding, but for a third, it was simply the promise of fabulous weather that lured them abroad. The USA was found to be the most popular choice for an overseas wedding, with Spain and Italy also high on the list.

And while the newlyweds said they enjoyed savings of up to £10,000 on the cost of the big day by saying 'I do' outside the UK, the average guest is forced to stump up a sizeable sum to attend.

The study found that on average, a guest attending a wedding in the UK spends £490 on travel, accommodation, an outfit and gifts for the happy couple. But an overseas wedding sets them back an eye-watering £1,959.
In fact, almost 25 per cent of those who had been to a wedding in foreign climes admitted they had cut back on their own getaway in order to pay for the event, while many were forced to ditch their holiday altogether.

One in ten simply turned down the invitation because of the cost.

According to the Daily Mail, Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of LV=travel insurance, said: "Choosing to marry abroad can be a savvy move to save money and guarantee good weather - but it can be costly if you're a guest."

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