Bogus whiplash claimant exposed

Bogus whiplash claimant exposed

A man who made 17 whiplash claims in just eight years has been exposed as a fraudster after a bus company challenged his claims.

Mohammed Saeed claimed that a National Express coach had collided with his parked car in March 2011.
However, investigations into the accident concluded that the damage to the car could not have been caused by the bus and the transport company then decided to challenge Saeed's claim for compensation in court.

It was only then that his string of previous claims were brought to light and scrutinised by the judge presiding over the case.

Birmingham County Court heard that the address of a supposed orthopaedic surgeon who had signed Saeed's medical report was in fact the premises of a taxi company.

Finding the unemployed motorist to be lying, Judge Simon Brown said he "disbelieved the claimant's evidence in its entirety" and ordered him to pay £15,700 towards the bus firm's legal costs after ruling the accident never happened.

Judge Brown also ordered a transcript of the hearing to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions to see if there were grounds to bring a prosecution for perjury in relation to the case and previous claims for whiplash.

As well as Saeed, the investigation will include his witnesses, solicitors and medical experts, as well as his girlfriend Adele Raven, who has also filed three accident compensation claims in the last few years.

Incredibly, Saeed has filed yet another compensation claim since the bus case went to court. In total he has claimed on average three times a year since 2003.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a National Express spokesman said the firm was "delighted" with the outcome of the case, adding: "We always fight claims in which evidence raises serious concerns.

"We hope this will make anyone thinking of making a dishonest claim think again."
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