Wood you believe it? Man creates car from timber

Wood you believe it? Man creates car from timber

Istvan Puskas from Hungary has spent the last four months creating something truly unique, a car crafted almost entirely from wood.

Mr Puskas, a 51-year-old agricultural worker has been busy in his workshop in Tiszaors carving his creation out of various pieces of scavenged wood.
The fuel tank is created from an old beer barrel, while the suspension and gearbox are even made out of lumber.

The wood-loving hobbyist didn't go as far as creating an engine that was made from a felled tree, instead it was lifted from a Fiat 126. The steering wheel was also borrowed from an old Mercedes-Benz.

According to Mr Puskas, he was spurred on by long winter breaks away from the farm and encouragement from his wife, Iron, to create the car of his dreams.

He told The Telegraph: "I started to work on it at Christmas and it took me four months to finish it. This kept me busy during the wintertime.

"My aim was to make it out of wood as much as possible. A wooden car must be made from wood!"

Due to Hungarian road laws, the wooden vehicle cannot be officially registered as a licenced vehicle but local police allow him to drive it around town and along nearby lanes.

There is also good news for collectors of such oddities as Mr Puskas is thinking of selling his kindling car: "I have no place to store it. I have no garage, I have nothing. It can be good for a collector, for somebody who likes nostalgia, for somebody who likes to drive slowly," he said.

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