Slimming style: Fashion for the fuller figure

If you're self-conscious about your weight there's no need to hide away - the right clothes can take pounds off so check out our slimming fashion tips and feel confident when you step out.

How to dress slimmer

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Underwear matters
Control undies are well and good, but they're not ideal for the every day. Well-fitting underwear is, however, a must if you're to make the most of your figure, as the correct bra can keep your bosom where it belongs, and straighten your posture as a result. Get measured by a professional and invest in good quality undies - you'll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Most women would admit to disliking at least one area of their body, but when it comes to clothes, it's far better to focus on the good bits. Buying outfits that accentuate and emphasise your good points and draw the eye away from the bad will instantly make you look slimmer.

For instance, if you tend towards a pear-shaped figure, an outfit that broadens the upper body, with a boat neck or capped sleeves, will take the emphasis off the bottom half. Similarly, busty girls should opt for simple tops that don't draw too much attention to the boobs.

Structure and form
When you're feeling down about your weight, it's all too tempting to dress in baggy clothes in the hope that they will hide the problem areas. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Done correctly, structured, fitted clothing can work wonders so forget about oversized flimsy garments, and opt instead for something with a criss-cross detailing at the waist in a heavier fabric such as garbardine. Instead of a shapeless dress, cinch in that waist with a belt for a sexy hourglass look, and opt for a cropped cardigan if you need a coverup.

If you're having a jeans day, avoid the low-rise, muffin top nightmare, and go for pair that fit on your waist, and team with a tailored, hip-length jacket for a smarter look.

Add length
Go for lengthening pieces for a fabulously slimming effect. Dark, boot cut jeans give a lengthened leg appearance, and work well with long cardigans, scarves or even long necklaces that can be easily layered, or look for vertical detailing such as visible seams, piping or V-necks.

When shopping for a skirt, seek out flattering A-line or pencil items that reach to the middle of the knee, showing off the slimmer, lower half of the leg and disguising hips and thighs.
Colour and print
Generally speaking, solid colours work best for fuller figures, and there's no doubting that darker hues work to maximum effect. Match separates of the same colour for a thinner appearance, or layer dark colours underneath lighter ones for a brighter but still slimming look. Go for something with an interesting neckline or detailing if you're bored of black.

When it comes to print, the rule if the bigger the print, the bigger you'll look, so take care when choosing your fabrics. If you've found something you love, keep the accessories simple, with solid-colour tights, jacket or belt.

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