Driver owing £18,000 in parking tickets has car seized

Driver owing £18,000 in parking tickets has car seized

A Portsmouth motorist who owed £18,000 in unpaid parking tickets has had their car seized.

The unidentified driver managed to get 220 parking tickets on their Peugeot 206 and failed to pay up, despite both the council and bailiffs repeatedly attempting to get in contact.
Under its parking enforcement powers, which state that a car can be seized if the owner fails to pay three penalty notices and makes no attempt to get in touch, Portsmouth City Council removed the offending car from the roads.

The car will eventually be destroyed if the owner does not stump up the cost of the tickets, as well as removal and storage fees.

Speaking to The Mirror, councilor Jason Fazackarley said: "This is an extreme case which is why we have taken the necessary action to seize the vehicle after a blatant disregard by the owner.

"In addition to seizing the vehicle we will pursue legal action to recover the outstanding debt owned."

Portsmouth Council's parking manager, Michael Robinson, provided further comment: "This is an ongoing case, so although the car has been seized we won't give up pursuing the owner until they come forward and the outstanding debt is settled.

"The amount of fines this motorist ran up shows a lack of respect for all road users, so we used our enforcement powers to take action against this persistent offender."
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