Video: Elderly passenger attacks bus driver

Video: Elderly passenger attacks bus driver

Buses – they're a pretty terrible way to travel. Aside from taking an age to get you to your destination, you have to put up with packed conditions, ever increasing fares and the migraine-inducing din emanating from the headphones of the person sat next to you.

However, next time you're sharing your personal space with a stranger, hoping to make it to work on time, spare a thought for your Chinese counterparts. We've recently brought you a few videos captured by CCTV on buses in the People's Republic, but the following is amongst the most shocking.
Depicting the moment an elderly passenger attacks a bus driver out of the blue, the cameras keep rolling to show the aftermath, in which the driver struggles to keep control of his vehicle, hitting several cars in the sprawling metropolis of Tianjin.

Terrified passengers are seen attempting to drag the elderly man away, before being thrown around the carriage in the resulting collisions.

The angry passenger was apparently upset at the driver for not letting him off the bus in a no-stopping zone.

Incredibly, there were no reported injuries resulting from the incident.

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