Porthmadog tops price rise list

Seaside towns in Wales and Northern England have seen a faster rise in house prices than those in the South over the last decade, a report has found.

Nestled next to the Snowdonia National Park, Porthmadog in North Wales was named by Halifax as the seaside town with the biggest percentage increase in house prices since 2003.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%
Porthmadog, which is also home to the historic Ffestiniog Railway, has seen a 134% uplift in house prices since 2003, taking them to around £162,638.

Seaham, with its dramatic cliff-top coastline, and Newbiggin-by-the-Sea which has had its beach revamped in recent years, came in second and third places respectively. Both these coastal towns are in the North East and have seen house prices more than double over the last decade.

The only seaside towns in the South to make it onto the "top 10" fastest rising house prices list were St Mawes and Perranporth, which are both in Cornwall.

The coastal towns at the top of the list tend to have seen prices rising sharply from a relatively low base.

Despite seeing a 120% uplift in prices over the last decade, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea was still found to have the cheapest house prices in the survey, averaging just over £81,000 now.

Meanwhile, St Mawes managed to record one of the fastest price rises over the last decade and be the 5th most expensive seaside town in the study.

Seven houses could be snapped up in Newbiggin for the price of one in Salcombe, which sits in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Devon and was named as the country's most expensive seaside town, with average house prices there standing at over £570,000. Glitzy Sandbanks in Dorset, which has previously been dubbed "Britain's Monte Carlo" was the second most expensive, with typical house prices topping £522,000.

All the top 10 most expensive seaside towns were found to be on the South coast. Outside the South, the most expensive seaside town was Catherine Zeta-Jones's home town of Mumbles, South Wales, where average prices stand at £266,891.

Where are Britain's highest tax bills?
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Porthmadog tops price rise list
St Albans come in second on the list with a total income tax bill of £10,900 per person.
Windsor and Maidenhead came third with a total income tax bill of £10,200 per person.
The Surrey town of Guildford was fourth on the list with a total income tax bill of £9,830 per person.
England's capital city came fifth with a total income tax bill of £8,580 per person.
Wokingham has a total income tax bill of £7,490 per person. Putting it in sixth place.
Dacorum in Hertfordshire comes in joint sixth place with a total income tax bill of £7,490 per person.
The leafy towns of Reigate and Banstead have a total income tax bill of £7,000 per person.
Tonbridge and Malling take joint seventh spot with a total income tax bill of £7,000 per person.
Wycombe comes last in the top ten with a total income tax bill of £6,820 per person.

A small corner of leafy Surrey has taken the top spot in the league table of the highest income tax bills per person. Residents of Elmbridge pay an astonishing £1.18 billion in income tax every year. That puts a number of the major cities in the shade.
The leafy towns of Esher, Weybridge and Walton-on-Thames are filled with mansions, private estates, country clubs, golf courses, and riversides packed with millionaires. The proximity of Chelsea's training ground in Cobham has also brought well-paid sportsmen to the area.


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