Audi says autonomous driving will be with us soon

Audi says autonomous driving will be with us soon

Speaking at a recent conference that tackled Audi's alternative fuel future, head of technical development Wolfgang Dürheimer revealed that we can expect to see a form of autonomous driving on our roads in 24 months.

Audi has been experimenting with a specially adapted TT that scans surroundings and uses on-board computers to aid driving at speeds under 37mph.
Autonomous trials have already been successful in the Nevada desert but the German marque believes an iteration of this technology will be on the public road in two years time.

"I don't see the future of cars being that the occupant relaxes on the back seat while the car drives itself," said Dürheimer.

"Instead, I believe they will be more like aircraft where a pilot ultimately has control and is constantly monitoring the situation. Our systems will merely aid drivers, so the autopilot function can take over on longer journeys to give the driver a break," he added.

According to Dürheimer, the technology is almost ready and previous tests have proved that a car can happily drive and even park itself. In his eyes, one of the biggest hurdles in bringing this technology to market is not the tech but the governing bodies which control the laws of the road.

"Road laws are extremely strict and tough," explained Dürheimer. "There will need to be lots of lobbying done before governments accept that autonomous driving is safe and practical. I believe we will see it in on roads in some form in 24 months."
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