Would you flush and go on the world's fastest toilet at 55mph?

Would you flush and go on the world's fastest toilet at 55mph?

A plumber has built the world's fastest fully-functioning toilet, which travels and even flushes at an incredible 55mph.

Colin Furze, 33, spent a month building the bog, which has a powerful 140cc motorbike engine hidden under the seat and four gears.

He even filled the high-speed toilet with water so it can be flushed using a button on the handle bars and added a clip so he can read the newspaper while he zooms along.

The petrol-powered lavatory can almost reach the national speed limit and does 10 miles to the gallon.

Speaking to Rex Features, Furze, from Stamford, Lincolnshire said: "It is quite scary to drive as the water in the toilet makes it very top heavy and I get wet when I go over any bumps.

"The toilet seat is also quite slippery so it's hard to stay on and stop myself from sliding off when I go fast. It's also pretty tricky to steer."

Colin built the super loo as a bit of fun. He used a mobility scooter for the base, then made a steel frame with a wooden plinth and mounted the white toilet on top.

He has fitted four electronic gears to the handlebars and built a manual override, disguised as a toilet brush in case they fail.

There is also a towel rail to the back of the toilet and the exhaust has been turned into a toilet roll holder.

Colin believes the toilet will be able to go even faster than 55mph along a smooth track and could reach 60mph.

The previous fastest toilet was the Bog Standard, which could travel at 42.25mph and was presented on the set of Lo Show Dei Record in Milan, Italy in March 2011.

Would you take a ride on the world's fastest toilet? Leave a comment and let us know below.

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Would you flush and go on the world's fastest toilet at 55mph?

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