Weird hotel services (we secretly love)

Weird hotel services (we secretly love)

Hotels don't just have to be about sleeping anymore and these days they'll go all out to cater to your every whim. From a Fragrance Butler who will carry your favourite perfume to your room on a silver tray to a sex toys menu with feathers, erotic DVDs and 24-carat vibrators for a really kinky stay, check out the most bizarre hotel services we secretly think are amazing!

Weird hotel services
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Weird hotel services (we secretly love)

At Loews Coronado Bay, the four-legged guests are as important as those with two legs and if you're travelling with your dog, the hotel will arrange for them don board shorts and enjoy surfing lessons at Coronado's Dog Beach. The package includes deluxe accommodations and a surf 'n' turf supper of beef tenderloin and salmon. Other pet-related services at the hotel include pet sitting, a Puppy Pager for owners to be paged if there is an emergency and pet room service, of course!

Rocco Forte’s The Balmoral in Edinburgh offers an unusual Tartan Butler service for guests wishing to learn more about their history and heritage. Before arriving at the hotel, you tell the Tartan Butler the names of any known Scottish ancestors. He'll then establish a connection to one of the thousands of clans and traditional recognised tartans. Once he has tracked down your tartan, he can arrange a trip to a kilt shop for a fitting and the Tartan Butler can even create a bespoke tour of your own Scottish region, visiting the places that an ancestor was born or spent their life.

Every evening at 6pm, guests at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas can participate in a Guacamologist ritual. Located in the lobby, the ritual allows you to become a chef and have a complimentary tasting of Chef Dean Fearing's special margaritas accompanied by a fresh guacamole prepared by the hotel's Guacamologist (yes, they have one!). The ritual uses a special guacamole blend and if that's not enough to get you out of your room and in the lobby, it's also free!

Check in to a suite at the Taj Boston and you can have your own Fireplace Butler. The unique butlers will suggest the different kinds of wood you can use in the fire at your suite and give you a firewood menu to choose from. Once you've picked your wood, the Fireplace Butler will build and light your fire. The woods range from Birch Wood, which produces a strong heat and burns quickly creating a warm and cosy atmosphere, Cherry Wood, which is slow burning and known for being fragrant and Oak Wood, which offers a light scene and cosy warmth, perfect for a long winter's night. Are we really talking to you about wood?

Hotels offer the sexiest backdrops for romance and fantasy, and at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, you can order your own sex toys with the Pleasure Menu service. From high-end erotic toys to a curated collection of sexy DVDs, you'll find everything you need for a kinky stay at the hotel. The menu includes feathers, luxurious lubricants, silk scarves and 24-carat gold vibrators!

If you're staying at the Akaryn in Samui, Thailand you're going to want to sunbathe and thankfully the hotel has a sunburn supervisor service to make sure you're looking after your skin. The Sun Spa Esthederm package includes a full day's service by the pool, where a Sun Spa Esthederm therapist will apply and reapply sun cream on your skin every hour or two and after swimming. There's also a series of Esthederm skincare products applied before and after sun exposure so you get sun protection with a pampering twist!

Since Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy the travel industry has gone babymoon mad, but we've found one for mums-to-be to really indulge their cravings. Hoteldorf Gruner Baum in Bad Gastein, Austria offers an arrival package including sour gherkins with chocolate pralines and a L'OCCITANE en Provence massage oil - perfect for guests having strange cravings. As well as massages for both parents-to-be and a horse drawn carriage ride, the package includes a cup of Häagen Dazs ice cream served to your room before bed.

Because hotel butlers are so passé, Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay in Turkey is offering its yachtie guests the use of a Marina Butler. A fully qualified captain, the Marina Butler guides sailors into the bay and greets them with a refreshing cocktail or bottle of champagne. The Marina Butler can call ahead to order lunch for you and as a spa aficionado himself, he'll advise on and book treatments from the spa menu if you're looking to relax. When it comes to stretching your legs, he'll arrange water sports sessions for you and private catering in your boat when you want an intimate dinner.

To eliminate the stress and hassle of packing yet another liquid, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts has a 24-hour Fragrance Butler on hand to keep its guests smelling good too. The dedicated butler has a selection of fine perfumes and colognes, and you can ring him at any time and he'll appear at your door carrying a silver tray with fragrances such as Chanel No. 5 and Hermes Terre d'Hermes. You then mist yourself before the Fragrance Butler disappears until he is called for again.

If you're looking for the perfect night's sleep, The Benjamin in New York is the hotel for you. To ensure its guests have a good rest, The Benjamin has its own Sleep Concierge to assess your sleeping habits in order to recommend the best pillow from a 12-choice menu. The Sleep Concierge will also arrange a bed time snack - a peanut butter and jam sandwich on banana bread and a sleep-inducing massage - to ensure you wake up happy.


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