Video: Rally driver narrowly avoids catastrophe

Video: Rally driver narrowly avoids catastrophe

Away from the high-rolling circus that is Formula 1, the best place to see epic driving talent is on the dirt stages of rallying and hill-climbing.

Rally drivers are a rare breed – able to steer monstrously powerful cars in difficult conditions, over treacherous terrain that is often lined with suicidal spectators – all the while pushing as hard as they can in the heat of competition.
It is no surprise, then, to learn that they have lightning fast reactions, as the video below proves. Launching his car over a jump, this Mitsubishi Evo driver encounters a badly parked car in his landing zone while attacking a hill-climb course.

Is he bothered? Is he heck. Rather than asking his co-driver to pass the loo-roll and stuff his rally prepared saloon into the awkwardly placed hatchback, the skillfull driver simply darts around it, despite only landing fractions of a second beforehand.

Continue below to see this epic display of car control.

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