Grandfather drowns as car swept into flood

Grandfather drowns as car swept into flood

A grandfather of ten has died after his 4x4 was swept into a flooded ford in Bristol, an inquest has heard.

John McNair was caught up in a raging torrent on November 22 last year, and was dragged backwards into the body of water.
He had been trying to avoid the swollen ford while travelling from mid-Wales, but his vehicle was thrown into a bridge, causing the rear window to brake and the car to fill with water.

The inquest heard that there was almost nothing he could have done to save himself from the hazard.

Coroner Maria Voisin said: "Mr McNair was unlikely to have been crossing the ford but had tried to go around it.

"His car started to float causing it to be dragged backwards. The vehicle then became wedged against the bridge. There was little or no time to escape the vehicle."

The car was later found wedged under the bridge by local resident Suzanne McDonald.

In a statement to the inquest, she said: "We saw a car stuck in the swollen river. I looked more closely and I could see what I thought was a black bin bag floating in the water."

Unfortunately what they had discovered was McNair's body, which had escaped from the car.

His son called for improved safety in the area, which has previously suffered from flooding.

The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death after the inquest found that Mr. McNair had drowned.
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