British twins found dead 'with plastic bags on heads' at apartment in Spain

British twins found dead 'with plastic bags on heads' at apartment in Spain

A pair of elderly British twin brothers have been found dead in their apartment in Spain in what police believe to be a double suicide.

James and George Chalkley, 83, were found in the flat they shared in Fuengirola, near Malaga, on Wednesday.

Police believe the brothers may have had a row, before one of them left the flat. Upon his return, he found his sibling dead, and decided to end his life, too.

The brothers were found with plastic bags over their heads and their mouths taped over. One was in a chair in the living room, while the other was found lying down in the bedroom.

A source told the Daily Mail: "An investigation has been launched but everything at this stage is pointing to a double suicide.

"One twin had a head injury but we believe it may have been the result of him banging his head against the wall as he was asphyxiating himself.

"We believe one twin left the flat after rowing with his brother and took his own life after returning to find him dead."

Neighours in the Costa del Sol apartment building spoke of their shock. According to the Daily Telegraph, lawyer Ignacio Pacios said: "They were a very polite and easy going pair. I never would have guessed they would do something like that."

The brothers were found after neighbours alerted authorities over a bad smell. It is believed they could have been lying dead in the apartment for three days.

George and James had lived together all their lives, moving to Fuengirola from Holland, where they had retired to from London.

They had lived in the apartment in Spain's Costa Del Sol for 13 years.

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