Quarter of British women avoid the beach over bikini body fears

British women are so self conscious about their bodies that many will avoid a beach holiday altogether, a new survey has revealed.

British women avoid the beach over bikini body issues

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In a poll of 1,000 British women, one in four said they would rather do without a sunshine beach break in order to avoid any bikini body embarrassment.

Some 38 per cent insisted that the search for the perfect swimsuit was their most stressful pre-holiday task. Those that will brave the beach planning on keeping their body under wraps, with half swapping bikinis for all-in-ones, and 44 per cent opting for a sarong or other cover-up to hide behind when in public.

The Summer Body Confidence report, commissioned by Weight Watchers, revealed that 73 per cent of women believe flattering swimwear is more important than comfort or cost, and 44 per cent embark on last-minute crash diets in order to improve their body confidence ahead of their holiday.

However, all that pre-holiday prep goes to pot once we're sunning ourselves by the pool, because according to the report, 72 per cent gain up to a stone in weight before we catch the plane home.

As a result of the survey, Weight Watchers has launched its Summer Body Confidence campaign, which aims to help members overcome their body issues and help them to lose weight without resorting to health-damaging diets.
A spokesperson for the famous slimming club told the Daily Mail: "We recognise that lots of people fear the summer holidays, but if you embark on a steady and sensible weight loss journey, stressful fad diets won't need to get in the way of the pre-holiday excitement.

"And you won't need to spend lots of time and money on miracle swimwear and beauty treatments as you will soon feel confident in your own skin."

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