Nissan recalls 841,000 vehicles worldwide

Nissan recalls 841,000 vehicles worldwide

Nissan has said it plans to recall 841,000 vehicles worldwide due to a faulty steering wheel.

In the UK, the recall will affect 133,869 examples of the Nissan Micra model built between 2002-2006 at the Japanese firm's Sunderland plant.
The company has said that the fault is down to a bolt in the steering wheel that has not been screwed down properly but drivers should not worry about the steering wheel suddenly failing.

Nissan will write to owners of Micra models built between December 2, 2002 and May 12, 2006 asking them to take their vehicle to the nearest dealer for a free check up.

In some cases, the steering wheel securing nut has gradually come loose but "this would soon become apparent to the driver," according to Nissan.

The company reiterates there is no risk of a sudden failure but instead if left unchecked this could eventually lead to the steering column being damaged.

The free check up will take no longer than 15 minutes and subsequent work will range from tightening the bolt to replacing the steering wheel entirely.

Professor David Bailey, an expert on the automotive industry from Coventry Business School, told BBC Radio Five Live this morning: "It doesn't seem like there have been any reported accidents or injuries as a result of this problem, simply that the nuts that hold the steering wheel in place can become loose.

"Nissan will be checking to see whether they needs to be tightened up or replaced.

"I think this is a safety first approach. Nissan have identified a problem, there's a quick fix and that should be enough to satisfy consumers."

This is the second recall to rock Nissan this year as 500,000 vehicles were recalled globally earlier this month over a defect in passenger airbags.
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