Ferrari to debut 600bhp 458 Scuderia at Frankfurt Auto Show

Ferrari to debut 600bhp 458 Scuderia at Frankfurt Auto Show

Ferrari is set to unveil its currently in-development 458 Scuderia at the Frankfurt auto show in September of this year.

Fresh off the back of the £1 million, 950bhp LaFerrari reveal at Geneva earlier this year, the prancing horse brand is now on a mission to appeal to their track-focussed customers with the launch of a Scuderia 458.
This will be the first Scuderia model from Maranello since 2009, when the upgraded 504bhp F430 came on the market.

The car weighed 220 pounds less than the standard model, receiving a number of chassis updates that made it the ultimate GT experience.

The new, lighter 458 is also said to feature a number of mechanical tweaks, including updates to the seven-speed dual-clutch Getrag-sourced automatic gearbox, more power from the flat-crank 90-dgree 4.5-litre V8 engine and aerodynamic fettling.

The direct-injected V8 is expected to push power up to 'roughly' 600bhp from the original 562bhp. It will also redline at 9300rpm.

The Scuderia will get a Ferrari-first innovation to the bodywork that optimises downforce, including a rear diffuser which will now, for the first time, be active and able to change position automatically by adapting to speed, lateral G forces and throttle position.

As expected, to bring the horses to a halt, Ferrari has worked with Brembo to improve on the standard 458 carbon-ceramic brake setup.
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