Lewis Hamilton stars in new Mercedes A 45 AMG advert

Lewis Hamilton stars in new Mercedes A 45 AMG advert

A new advert for the German marque's fiery A 45 AMG hot hatch has surfaced on the internet and it stars the rather, er, wooden acting skills of none other than Merc F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and fellow teammate Nico Rosberg.

Hamilton can be seen piloting the A 45 AMG through twisting corners and dimly lit tunnels while Rosberg awkwardly looks on from the passenger seat.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, an apparition appears in the road claiming to be a 'good fairy'. She then grants the two racing drivers three wishes and a Chuckle Brothers-style argument ensues over who should drive the hot hatch.

The bickering continues until all of the wishes have run dry and the calamitous duo end up on a rather snazzy tandem bicycle.

Obviously, the attractive fairy then drives away in the smart Merc with a wry smile plastered across her face.

The final pay-off line reads, "Compact insanity. The new A 45 AMG" which makes about as much sense as the rest of the bemusing advert.

A Mercedes spokesperson said the clip was intended to be a video viral and that "we are unlikely to see it on TV anytime soon."

That's a shame, because the advert could have been a launch pad to Lewis's acting career... or not.

Take a look at the video viral below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section

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