Video: 'Drunk' driver just escapes car hit by train on tracks

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Phone Video Captures Train-Car Crash
Phone Video Captures Train-Car Crash

David Roberts, 24, is lucky to be alive after his car got hit by a train when it became stuck on tracks in Pennsylvania.

The driver is now facing a number of charges, including drink-driving, after he tried to cross the tracks in the East Deer Township a few yards short of the crossing.

His vehicle became stuck on the tracks, and was hit by a freight train heading towards Baltimore.

East Deer Police say Mr Roberts managed to jump from the car just seconds before the train hit.

Eye witness Bandon Savka told CBS Local that residents had come out of their homes in a bid to help the driver. He said: "They had the front two wheels over the tracks and they were trying to back out and they were just on the gravel spinning the tyres."

With no chance of freeing it, bystanders could be heard screaming for him to get away from the car.

Mr Roberts fled the scene, but was found by police officers hiding under bushes about 500 yards away.

East Deer Police Chief John Manchini told Trib Live that Roberts showed signs of intoxication at the scene.

The freight train was carrying two locomotives and 130 cars, and police confirmed that the two employees on board were not injured.

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