Florida Highway Patrol employs 'eyes in the sky' to catch speeders

Florida Highway Patrol employs 'eyes in the sky' to catch speeders

If you thought the speed camera-lined roads of Britain were bad, spare a thought for motorists in Florida who now have to contend with traffic enforcers in the sky.

The Florida Highway Patrol has employed a specially trained pilot to circle the skies above Florida's Turnpike to catch unwitting speeders below.
Anyone who travels above the 60mph limit could risk having a fine sent down from above.

The law enforcement pilot uses a calibrated stopwatch to determine how long it takes the driver to go through two white lines painted on the road surface a quarter-of-a-mile apart.

The stopwatch is designed to give the pilot the average speed of the vehicle.

Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Joe Sanchez told NBC Miami, "It's just one more method that we use to assure that people obey and respect the speed limits on our state roads.

"It's the same thing as a laser or a radar – the aircraft does the same thing," he added.

Unfortunately, the pilot doesn't swoop down onto the road below to apprehend the offenders personally; instead he contacts troopers on the ground that then take care of the ticketing routine.

According to NBC Miami, one driver got a big surprise when he was told he received a fine from the sky, after the FHP said he far exceeded the speed limit in a 60 mph zone.

"The reason why I'm stopping you is the aircraft flying above you got you at 89 mph," Sanchez told the driver.

"No way," he responded.

Watch the video report below:

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