Wine drinkers opting for quality over quantity

Caroline Cassidy

Wine drinkers in Britain are turning their back on cheap plonk and opting for quality over quantity, according to a new report.

Brits choosing quality wine brands over cheap plonk
Brits choosing quality wine brands over cheap plonk

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Market analysts Nielsen revealed that though Brits are cutting back on their daily tipple spending, when they do splash out on a bottle of vino, they are choosing high quality brands.

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The average cost of a bottle of wine has now reached £5.11, and according to Nielsen, many Brits are now prepared to spend more on a premium bottle, with sales of wines priced at £7.01 or more growing 16 per cent by volume.

Helen Stares, of Nielsen, told Off Licence News: "People are buying less, but we are seeing that, when consumers do buy, they are purchasing at a better quality - so higher prices... Where we're seeing the really strong growth is in more expensive wines - £7 and above - so to some extent bypassing the lower end of the market."
She added: "With the £5 price threshold being crossed, we would expect to see volume fall, but wether or not it's a doomsday scenario very much differs by retailer and wine producer.

'They may be selling less, but if it's at a more profitable price then this is surely good news."

And it seems it's not just the wine drinkers who are upgrading to a classier tipple. According to Ms Stares, premium brands of vodka, gin, beer and even coffee are also enjoying a welcome boost from British buyers.

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