Elderly driver ploughs into hikers during festival in Virginia

Elderly driver ploughs into hikers during festival in Virginia

Up to 60 people were injured after an elderly driver ploughed through a crowd in his car at a festival in Virginia, USA.

Officials say more than ten people were taken to hospital in a serious condition, although no fatalities were reported.
The accident happened in the small town of Damascus, Virginia during a festival celebrating the Appalachian Trail, a 2,200-mile hiking route.

Witnesses say the unnamed elderly driver appeared to have been suffering a medical emergency when he emerged from a side street towards the end of the parade.

The 1997 Cadillac DeVille then burst into the crowd at a speed of around 30mph, sending hikers flying.

Witnesses say people were screaming at the driver to stop, before a heroic volunteer fireman was able to bring the car to a halt.

One man was left pinned against another car, while the crowds worked together to lift the Cadillac, freeing those trapped underneath.

Damascus resident Amanda Puckett, who was watching the parade, said "Everybody just threw our hands up on the car and we just lifted the car up."

Another witness told reporters, "There's no single heroes (sic). We're talking about a group effort of everybody jumping in."

A local reporter told Sky News,"The car came into the crowd, he then struck a Subaru and pinned an individual against it, and then as the individual was falling he struck him again.

"It was a volunteer fire-fighter who was able to go and stop this Cadillac from going any further. The fireman was able to open the door and turn off the ignition and slam on the brakes of this car because the elderly gentleman was not able to do that."

Three of the victims hit were airlifted by helicopter to hospital.

Authorities are said to be investigating, and the driver may face charges.
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