Waterfall road signs employed in Australia

Waterfall road signs employed in Australia

Australian authorities have grown so tired of over-sized trucks squeezing through low tunnels that they have employed some drastic measures.

A new, futuristic form of signage has been adopted, which produces a curtain of water that enables a large 'Stop' sign to be projected onto it.
The thinking behind the innovative technology is that truck drivers ignoring conventional signage won't fail to miss the Softstop virtual barriers and, even if they do or notice too late, no damage will be done to either the truck or the low bridge.

Laservision, the technology company behind the revolutionary signs has said that Sydney Harbour Tunnel has experienced more than 10,000 incidents of vehicles hitting the structure since it opened.

The damage caused by oversized vehicles crashing into the overhead of the tunnel affected up to 12,000 motorists at peak times, the company said.

The video below shows the space-age tech in action and it is clear to see that a truck driver has ignored all of the traditional signage, including flashing dot matrix boards, and continues to plough ahead.

Sensors quickly realise the truck it too tall so deploys the curtain of water and the enormous 'Stop' sign, resulting in the truck braking hard and coming to a controlled halt.

Take a look at the innovation in action below

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