British couple robbed and 'forced to play Russian Roulette' in Spain

British couple robbed and 'forced to play Russian Roulette' in Spain

A retired couple have been attacked and robbed in their Costa Brava holiday home.

Three masked men attacked the husband as he went outside for a cigarette in the town of Santa Cristina d'Aro, just north of Tosse de Mar.

The thieves took him inside before tying the couple's hands and feet, reports the

The wife was then taken into another room, where the robbers asked her where the safe was, and subjected her to a terrifying game of 'Russian Roulette'.

They put a gun to head and told her it had six chambers and contained three bullets in a bid to find out where they kept their valuables.

The Daily Mail reports that the 66-year-old woman told a local newspaper: "Twice they put the revolver against my head and twice I heard a click.

"I think they had the situation under control and weren't turning the barrel round because no bullets came out, but I was terrified."

The woman insisted they did not have a safe, and the men made off with around €500 worth of goods.

The as-yet-unnamed husband told the Daily Telegraph: "The thieves cracked a couple of ribs when they pushed me to the floor and tied me up. Unfortunately I was left there immobilised as they took my wife into a different room.

"The house was completely ransacked and we have both been left quite traumatised, especially my wife."

Police are investigating the incident.

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