Video: Gran Turismo 6 trailer released

Video: Gran Turismo 6 trailer released

There are racing games and then there is Gran Turismo. Ever since the first installment rocked the world of video gaming back when the original PlayStation was in Vogue, the 'real driving simulator' has won a legion of fans and has gone on to become one of the most successful games ever, selling over 70 million units over different platforms.

Now Polyphony Digital are teasing the sixth installment in the franchise with a new trailer. It's as you'd expect: lots of car porn in the form of sweeping close ups and lots of high-end cars being drifted around perfectly rendered racetracks.
The creators are promising over 1,200 driveable cars, as well as seven new circuits, taking the total to 33.

So, if you'd like a sneak preview of the game that's going to destroy your social life over the coming months, continue watching below.

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