New Mercedes adapts to pothole peril

Anyone who drives on a regular basis will know only too well the pothole peril that besets Britain's roads, but those dreaded wheel-crunching moments, slalom techniques and last-minute braking could be a thing of the past thanks to the latest tech from Mercedes.

New Mercedes S-Class unveiled in Germany

Pic: Marcus Brandt/Picture-Alliance/DPA/AP Images

The German car manufacturer unveiled its latest S-class limousine last night, and revealed that it is the first vehicle to have suspension "with eyes", allowing the car to adapt to uneven road surfaces.

Using the 'road surface scan' system, which uses a stereo camera, the car is able to detect bumps in the road ahead.

Mercedes explained: "If the car's road surface scan detects unevenness, it instantaneously sets up the suspension to deal with the situation. The 'eyes' are provided by the camera fitted behind the windscreen, which scans the road up to 15 metres ahead.

"The vehicle then adjusts the damping of each wheel to a tauter or softer setting in advance, or the load in the wheel, via an active hydraulic system."

The luxury car maker say the suspension is able to adapt within fractions of a second, making the system work at speeds of up to 80mph.
There was another first for the S-Class too - it is the first car to use only LED lights. Mercedes fans will also be able to choose any perfume they wish for via the atomiser in the air conditioning, seats that replicate a 'hot stone' massage, reclining rear seats to give passengers the feeling of "a First Class airline cabin", and a variety of mobile office features.

Of course, the "most advanced S-Class ever created" comes at a price - namely £100,000 for a top of the range model. According to the Daily Mail, UK order books open in June ahead of the first deliveries in October.

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