Mums arrested for leaving children on beach to go on booze cruise

Mums arrested for leaving children on beach to go on booze cruise

Two mothers were arrested in Florida on Mother's Day for leaving their children alone at the beach while they went on a booze cruise on Lake Weir on Sunday.

Billie Jean Williams, 27, and Mary Joyce Daffron, 28, left their children, 8 and 7 respectively, at Gator Joe's Bar and Grill in Ocklawaha.

According to Ocala, the children approached staff at the restaurant and told them they could not find their mothers.

The children later told a police officer that they were playing on the beach when they realised their mothers were missing.

A man, named only as John, told police that he knew the women from high school and that he had seen them get onto a boat an hour earlier.

Williams and Daffron had left their belongings close to where the children were playing and when they returned from the cruise, they were so drunk that they fell into the water as they tried to climb off of the boat.

According to MiamiNewTimes, Williams yelled at police when she was confronted and said she had only left the children for 10 minutes and that they had been with one of their godfathers. She had tried to pass John off as their godfather but the children said they had never met him.

Both women were arrested and the children were handed over to relatives.

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