Mechanic has recently completed restoration project stolen

Mechanic has recently completed restoration project stolen

A mechanic who spent nine years restoring a classic car had his pride and joy stolen just days after he had finished working on it.

Jason Brierley, of Oldham, Greater Manchester, had spent over £10,000 and nearly a decade bringing a 1970s Mk1 Ford Escort back to pristine condition, but woke up one morning to find it gone from his driveway.
To add insult to injury, thieves also broke into his girlfriend's Fiat Cinquecento just to roll it out of the Escort's way, before barricading the couple's front door to prevent them coming out to stop the theft.

The rare left-hand-drive car was hurried away on a low-loader lorry and Police fear it may now be broken down for parts.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Brierley said: "I'm so devastated by this theft, it feels like I have lost a child.

"I've spent virtually every waking hour for the last five years renovating the car so I could get the perfect motor and had just completed the project. To lose it like this is a massive kick in the teeth.

"I spent hours absolutely hours on the car - I was always tinkering with it. I don't have any children so in effect it was my baby."

Brierley also disclosed that he previously had another Mk1 Escort, which was also stolen shortly after he got the keys.

He revealed to the newspaper that the car was something of an obsession. Having driven around the country just to secure a suitable example, Brierley lavished time and effort on the Escort - boring out the engine, updating the gearbox to a five-speed unit, and changing the brakes and suspension.

Greater Manchester Police have said that the car has yet to be recovered – something which is likely to end this mechanic's love affair with Ford Escorts.

"If I don't get it back I don't think I will ever have another," Brierley said. "It has put me off because it doesn't warrant all the stress and waking up in the night worrying if it is still there. That is no way to live."
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