McLaren points towards P1 successor

McLaren points towards P1 successor

British supercar manufacturer McLaren has confirmed that there will be a successor to its forthcoming P1 hypercar.

Speaking to Autocar Magazine, McLaren head of sales and marketing Greg Levine stated that it would be at least ten years before a replacement would be seen.
"The only way a car like the P1 works is by being exclusive and having a short product cycle. After that, you have to step back from the market for a few years. These sort of launches can only happen every ten years or so," he said.

The news comes before the P1 has even been officially launched in production specification, let alone turned a wheel in anger. Despite this, McLaren have already found 250 buyers for the car, of which production will be limited to 375 units.

Of those that have already been fully specified, three quarters of customers have opted for bespoke modifications through McLaren's exclusive Special Operations division.

The alterations can range from bespoke paint finishes and interior trim, to the deletion of the air conditioning system to save weight

Levine also revealed that several customers have put their names down for two cars.

McLaren Special Operations has also been busy with the company's 'entry-level' supercar, the 12C, of which around twenty per cent of orders specify individual customisation.
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