Porsche driver crashes into Aldi store

Porsche driver crashes into Aldi store

A Porsche Boxster driver has caused an embarrassing and costly accident, by crashing into an Aldi store in Wales.

The crash occurred in Cardigan after the owner of the sports car muddled up their gears. Thinking it was in reverse, they instead drove forward out of a parking bay and into a fire escape door.
Thankfully no one was injured, but speaking to Carmarthen Journal, store manager Tom Jones said the owner did look somewhat crestfallen after the incident:

"The chap who had the crash had just bought the car.

"He thought it was in reverse and accelerated straight into the fire exit in his brand new Porsche.

"Thankfully no-one was injured. The car had a few scratches.

"The door was damaged, but I don't think it was too serious."

The incident was captured by a passer by who later posted the image of the stricken Boxster on her Twitter account. @SarahGPuetz, commented: "One question for the driver if youve got a porche [sic] why are you shopping in aldi?!"

Mid and West Wales Fire Service confirmed they had attended the scene, but only as a precautionary measure.

The last couple of months have seen a spate of motorists crashing into buildings. We recently brought you the video of a drink driver that took police on a high-speed pursuit around Bristol before spectacularly binning the car into a homeware shop, and also the Audi TT driver who managed to get their car off the road completely, embedding it into the ground floor window of a house in Lowestoft.
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