A celebration in pictures: The English seaside

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In pictures: The English seaside
In pictures: The English seaside

There is something about the English seaside that brings out the beating heart of the English: doggedly erecting our wind breaks to capture every vestige of watery sun; wrapping up against the determined wind on the verandas of our beach huts; accepting that the 'sand' in 'sandwich' means just that... it's safe to say that nowhere else in the world can match its myriad charms and eccentricities.

Which is one of the reasons why the English Heritage recently published a fully revised edition of The English Seaside featuring the work of Peter Williams, whose evocative pics are a wonderful celebration to our beloved seaside holiday. More than 600 images that show off its quintessential appeal in all its glory. Take a sneak peek of some of the fab photos below.


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