Limo driver arrested for drink-driving on way to prom

A Chicago limousine driver has been arrested and charged with drink-driving after taking 23 students on a terrifying ride to their school prom.

54-year old Richard L Madison was arrested after students, fearing for their lives, raised the alarm by ringing their parents from the limo.
Not only did he cut-up other traffic, ignore road signs and crash over a central reservation, the sloshed driver even mistakenly attempted to drop his passengers off at the Hilton hotel, some five miles away from the party location.

He was eventually arrested by off-duty police officers when he finally arrived at the Abbington Banquets venue in the Glen Ellyn area of the city.

Speaking in a video posted on the Chicago Sun-Times website, passenger Kelsey Dano said: "We knew something was up but we weren't quite sure what and we're happy that we made it there safe without getting hurt and that things were taken into responsibility once we got there."

Madison was eventually taken to a local county jail after being charged with two counts of drunk-driving and one of reckless conduct. He was released after posting bail.

Speaking to the Sun-Times, he blamed his erratic driving on a mechanical fault and seemed to have no remorse for his actions: "I'm not guilty, but it is what it is. The bus needs wheel alignment and that's why it was moving the way it did.

"You know, if I was guilty, I would still be in jail. That's my thought. I would not be at home right now."
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