Women's holiday outfits cost a third of the getaway price

Caroline Cassidy

If you're struggling to find a way to afford a holiday this summer, there could be a simple cost-cutting solution. According to a new survey, the average woman spends £245 on new clothes before jetting off on their hols - a third of the average price of the break itself.

Women spend £245 on holiday clothes
Women spend £245 on holiday clothes

Pic: Corbis

The poll, by travel agent sunshine.co.uk, found that women insist on forking out for new summer outfits rather than reusing or revamping last year's holiday gear. A third of those polled confessed to buying new items every time they went away.

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Their average outlay typically went on four pieces of swimwear, six summer dresses, five holiday tops, three pairs of shoes, two pairs of shorts, three pieces of jewellery, and three new makeup items, along with sunglasses, a beach bag and the all-important sun lotion.

Given that the average cost of flights and accommodation is £710, that £245 spent before even boarding the plane amounts to a third of the cost of the entire break.

Asked why they forked out on a new wardrobe for each sunshine getaway, 21 per cent confessed they didn't want to be seen in the same outfits for their holiday snaps.
Suhshine.co.uk co-founder Chris Clarkson told the Daily Mail: "I think it's easy to forget about other costs involved in going on holiday on top of the flight and accommodation.

"My advice would be for people to really take a look at the clothes and accessories they already have, because there's no need to buy new items each time."

Do you buy a new summer wardrobe every time you go on holiday, or make do with past purchases? Leave your comments below...