Mindless driver snapped playing iPad game on motorway

Mindless driver snapped playing iPad game on motorway

It was announced last week that the law would come down hard on motorists who insist on using mobile phones while behind the wheel, with proposals to increase fines for offenders.

But one reckless driver will surely be seeing more than just a fine as he was photographed playing a racing game on his iPad while he piloted his car down one of Scotland's busiest motorways at 65mph.
The Ford Fiesta driver – who is in his mid-20s – was driving along the M8 motorway near Glasgow, resting his iPad on the steering wheel as he played the Real Racing app.

A shocked passenger in a passing van saw the incident, photographed it and sent the incriminating evidence to Scotland's Daily Record.

The van passenger said: "I was in the passenger seat as we passed this guy who was doing 65mph.

"I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes.

"He was sitting playing the Real Racing game on his iPad and glancing up at the road every now and then.

"I have never seen anything like it, it was ­terrifying to watch.

"The guy looked to be in his mid-20s.

"He saw me looking at him and was waving at me but when I tried to take a picture of his face he turned away behind the seat.

"At one point he ­undertook us still playing the game on the iPad.

"If the guy keeps carrying on like this, he is going to kill himself or someone else, for sure. He needs a wake-up call.

"The fact that he was playing a car racing game made it all the more ­unbelievable.

"Could he not have been content just to do the real thing safely?"

The motorist, whose black Fiesta sported blue go-faster stripes, was spotted on the motorway's westbound stretch at the ­Eurocentral junction at 4.45pm on Thursday.

The image has since been forwarded to officers at the Police Scotland's Road Policing Complex with a spokesman saying: "Further inquiries will be continuing."
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