TGV train makes special stop for lost elderly tourist

Ceri Roberts
TGV train makes special stop for lost elderly tourist
TGV train makes special stop for lost elderly tourist

Staff on a TGV train in France came to the rescue of an elderly tourist who realised that she had boarded the wrong train shortly after departing Gare de l'Est in Paris.

The female passenger, who was intending to travel to Reims, was visiting France from her home in the Caribbean. But she accidentally boarded the train to Nancy instead.

The Local reports that she burst into tears when she realised that she was going to arrive in a strange town at 11pm at night.

A fellow passenger alerted staff to her predicament, while others offered her accommodation in Nancy.

But SNCF bosses came to the rescue when the agreed that the train could make a stop at Champagne-Ardenne, so that she could join the next train to Reims.

Despite the fact that their train was delayed by the extra stop, passengers gave her a round of applause as she left the train.

But French rail bosses are obviously keen to ensure that other passengers don't expect the same treatment.

A SNCF spokesperson said that the decision was made "in light of the circumstances for the passenger and the impact on other rail traffic." They added that "a similar situation at a different time would probably not have the same outcome."

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