Employees 'unaware of cyber risks'

MobileHalf of workers do not know if their company has a policy on cyber crime and do not worry about security when they download data to their phone, according to a new study.

A survey of 1,200 office workers found that part-time staff were less aware of the need to protect company data.

Staffing provider Modis said its research showed that even business owners did not think about the security of their organisation's data when downloading or uploading information.

Roy Dungworth, managing director of Modis said: "With cyber security such a high-profile issue, employers are now aware of the risks, but few realise that their own employees are their greatest vulnerability.
"Our latest research reveals that the extent of the threat of cyber crime is not being realised by employees.

"Employers must be explicit about the policies which govern the way their employees use every piece of hardware and software at their disposal, from laptops and tablets through to email and the intranet."
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